The Organic, our choice of life and our destiny.

San.Eco.Vit. was born in far 1989 in a small town in the South of Milan as an individual firm. A small shop of natural and organic food represented a kind of novelty at that time. The beginning has been quite difficult and even more the route, but the passion for this lifestyle and the growing interest towards body care products ensured acertain growth. Little by little, we started thinking about the idea of producing natural cosmetics with our new brand, 100% made in Italy. In 2001 the individual firm became a Company, San.Eco.Vit. – the union of the first letters of the two partners’ surnames and the prefix “eco” that recalls ecology and our passion for organic. Since 2003, we launched the new activity as cosmetic producers, introducing different lines for body and hair care. All products have always well represented our 100% Italian soul and taken into call Certifications and organic ingredients. San.Eco.Vit. staff is a small and young reality, always dynamic and flexible. For years we have been recognized as active players in the natural cosmetics and ecological home cre detergents sectors. The ongoing research, the professionalism, the collaboration with qualified partners and the ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY have allowed us to cooperate with some of the most important firms in the field of natural. The CERTIFICATIONS we have obtained are granted by external Authorities who state the quality of the products, in accordance with products specification and very strict monitoring. These are solid GUARANTEES for consumers protection. We would like to stress we actively participated in the drafting of some products Policy Documentation.

Beltàbios guarantees.

Well-advanced compositions, effective and delicate, studied in our Laboratory according to the Natural Cosmetics Procedure Guideline of ICEA (Institute of the Ethical & Environmental Certification) that considers the usage of raw materials of vegetal origin, without the use of petrochemicals, which can be aggressive or even damaging for skin and human health in general. Moreover, where possible, the extracts and the oils used come from organic farming. All the products of the Beltàbios cosmetic lines, are exposed to the dermatological test on sensitive skin (carried out on human volunteers accordingly to the Helsinki Statement). This test ensures the usage of safe and trusted raw materials, dermo-compatible, suitable also for particularly sensitive skin. All the references of the cosmetic line Beltàbios are subjected to the Nickel test (this test is carried out on each production batch by an external laboratory). The presence of the metal is granted as lower than the threshold that usually can create allergic reaction is 1 PPM (PPM = part per million). We believe that it is essential to undergo this tests on all production lots. With the VEGAN indication affixed to the packaging of every product we guarantee that all the Beltàbios products do not contain animal substances or ingredients from animal derivation and are therefore suitable also for Vegetarians and Vegans.


Beltábios – Rice Body Cream
Beltábios – Rice Deo Spray
Beltábios – Rice Dry Oil
Beltábios – Rice Frequent Use Shampoo
További termékek
Beltábios – Rice Hand Cream
Beltábios – Rice Intimate Cleanser
Beltábios – Rice Shower Bath
Beltábios – Argan Anti-Age Face Cream for Dry Skin
Beltábios – Argan Body Cream
Beltábios – Argan Pure Face Oil
Beltábios – Argan Shampoo
Beltábios – Argan Shower Bath
Beltábios – Chamomile Body Cream
Beltábios – Chamomile Deo Spray
Beltábios – Chamomile Gentle Shampoo
Beltábios – Chamomile Hair Conditioner
Beltábios – Chamomile Intimate Cleanser
Beltábios – Chamomile Liquid Soap
Beltábios – Chamomile Shower Bath
Beltábios – Baby Body Cream
Beltábios – Baby Dry Body Oil
Beltábios – Baby Scented Water
Beltábios – Baby Shower Bath
Beltábios – Baby Zinc Oxide Protective Paste


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