We are a flexible and dynamic Company in the sector of natural cosmetics and environment-friendly cleansing. The thorough research, the reliability, the collaboration with qualified professionals and the ABSOLUTE TRASPARENCY led to a cooperation with some of the most solid companies in the sector of natural products boasting a specialized distribution. The CERTIFICATIONS obtained are issued by Control Bodies ensuring the quality of our products after rigorous controls, in conformity with very strict specifications, and are considered solid EVIDENCES for consumer’s protection. Commitment, passion and utmost care are credentials to produce innovative and genuine products.


Our mission is to offer a cosmetic line which could exploit at the best what nature generously offers us: bjobj. The bjobj products contain raw materials of vegetable origin, extracts and essential oils from certified organic farming or, in case they are not available, from spontaneous growth, to produce high quality products which are also safe, delicate and pleasant for daily body care.


The wish to produce high quality products, using raw materials from organic farming or spontaneous growth, is at the base of our Company’s philosophy. The passion and commitment drive us day after day to develop new formulas at low environmental impact, where vegetable component is predominant, maintaining high levels of efficiency. Our constant efforts to test the efficacy and tolerability of the products is meant to ensure total quality to consumer and a total transparency in information and communication. The quality marks on our products ensure a total control all along the production and are a confirmation of a correct and ethical demeanour. Our aim is to gain, by means of manifest soundness and transparency, the confidence of those consumers still sceptic about the valid benefits of natural products.

ICEA ECO BIO COSMETICS: all bjobj lines have obtained ICEA (Ethical and Environmental Certification Institute) Certification, which guarantees the choice of products of vegetable origin, based on extracts and oils from organic farming, high quality andwith a low environmental impact.

NICKEL TESTED: we guarantee that our cosmetics have a nickel content below 1 ppm.

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: each product is subjected to a tolerance test (patch test) on volunteers, to ensure maximum safety.


Bjobj – Make-up Remover Wet Wipes
Bjobj – Cleansing Milk
Bjobj – Eye Contour Cream
Bjobj – Face Cream Anti-Ageing
További termékek
Bjobj – Face Cream Delicate and Reddened Skin Couperose
Bjobj – Face Cream Impure and Oily Skin
Bjobj – Face Cream Normal and Dry Skin
Bjobj – Make-up Remover Tonic
Bjobj – Face Scrub
Bjobj – Serum Anti-Ageing
Bjobj – Aloe Shower Bath
Bjobj – Oat Shower Bath
Bjobj – Olive Oil Shower Cream
Bjobj – Sea Water Shower Bath
Bjobj – White Clay Shower Bath
Bjobj – Oat Scrub
Bjobj – Oat Liquid Soap
Bjobj – Oat Intimate Cleansing Wash
Bjobj – Sea Water Intimate Cleansing Wash
Bjobj – Aloe Fluid Cream
Bjobj – Aloe Gel
Bjobj – Oat Body Cream
Bjobj – Oat Body Oil
Bjobj – Olive Oil Body Cream
Bjobj – White Clay Paste for Masks and Compresses
Bjobj – Hand Cream Aloe
Bjobj – Hand Cream Oat
Bjobj – Hand Cream Olive Oil
Bjobj – Aloe Vera Shampoo
Bjobj – White Clay Shampoo
Bjobj – Oat Shampoo
Bjobj – Sea Water Shampoo
Bjobj – Olive Oil Shampoo
Bjobj – Oat Conditioner
Bjobj – Olive Oil Conditioner
Bjobj – Oat Mask
Bjobj – Aloe Vera Toothpaste Star Anise and Thyme
Bjobj – Aloe Vera Toothpaste Gel Eucalyptus and Mallow
Bjobj – Junior Toothpaste Gel Strawberry
Bjobj – White Clay Toothpaste Mint and Hawthorn
Bjobj – White Clay Toothpaste Lemon and Sage
Bjobj – Aloe Vera Mouthwash Citrus
Bjobj – Aloe Vera Mouthwash Eucalyptus
Bjobj – Baby Foam Bath & Shampoo
Bjobj – Baby Diaper Change Cream
Bjobj – Baby Rice Starch
Bjobj – Baby Bath Milk
Bjobj – Baby Body Cream
Bjobj – Baby Wet Wipes
Bjobj – Solar Cream Medium Protection SPF 15
Bjobj – Solar Cream High Protection SPF 30
Bjobj – Baby Solar Cream High Protection SPF 30
Bjobj – Solar Fluid Cream Medium Protection SPF 20
Bjobj – Baby Solar Fluid Cream High Protection SPF 50
Bjobj – Face Solar Cream Anti-Ageing Medium Protection SPF 15
Bjobj – After Sun Cream
Bjobj – Organic Hair Oil
Bjobj – Goji Body Cream
Bjobj – Goji Day Face Cream Anti-Ageing
Bjobj – Goji Eye Contour Cream Anti-Ageing
Bjobj – Goji Face Serum Anti-Ageing
Bjobj – Goji Night Face Cream Intense Anti-Ageing
Bjobj – Goji Shower Bath
Bjobj – Shea and Jojoba Cream Hand, Face & Body
Bjobj – Shea and Jojoba Dry Oil Face & Body
Bjobj – Shea and Jojoba Eau de Toilette
Bjobj – Shea and Jojoba Fluid Body Cream
Bjobj – Shea and Jojoba Scented Water
Bjobj – Shea and Jojoba Shower Bath
Bjobj – Teen Body Cream
Bjobj – Teen Face Cleansing Milk
Bjobj – Teen Face Cream
Bjobj – Teen Shower Bath
Bjobj – Men After-Shave Face Cream 2 in 1
Bjobj – Men Shampoo
Bjobj – Men Shaving Gel
Bjobj – Men Shower Bath


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