Bollebio enshrines all of our reliability and the experience of many years of work in the cosmetic field, as well as the safety of certified products based on the ICEA product Certification of Natural Cosmetics, dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and subjected to the Nickel test. We do not renounce that pinch of euphoria and – why not? – joy and cheerfulness and sometimes some moments of relax that every cosmetic should give us. A fresh, coloured and natural cosmetic line, with organic ingredients, it shall be love at first sight!

Bollebio guarantees:

Well-advanced compositions, effective and delicate, studied in our Laboratory accordingly to the Natural Cosmetics Procedure Guideline of ICEA (Institute of the Ethical & Environmental Certification) who considers the usage of the vegetal origin raw materials, without the use of petrochemical, aggressive or even damaging for the skin and the human health. Moreover, when possible, the extracts and the oils here used come from organic farming. All the products of the bollebio cosmetic line undergo the dermatologic test on sensitive skin (carried out on human volunteers according to the Helsinki statement), test designed to ensure the usage of secure raw materials, suitable also for particularly sensitive skin. All the references of the cosmetic line bollebio are subjected to the Nickel test (test carried out on each production lot by an independent Laboratory) that researchs the presence of the metal and guarantees that the content is below the threshold that usually can create allergic reaction (1 ppm = part per million). We believe that it is essential to keep this test on all the production lots. With the VEGAN COSMETIC indication affixed to the packaging of every product, we guarantee that all the bollebio finished products do not contain animal substances or are from animal derivation and they are therefore suitable also for who desire to follow a philosophy of vegetarian or vegan life. All the bollebio products have been studied from qualified person and produced from our Laboratory that it is supported by a ten-year experience in the cosmetic area. This Laboratory is furthermore certified ISO 9001 and ISO 22716 (G.M.P. good practice of production on cosmetic products) therefore Beltabios products are 100% Made in Italy, from ever guarantee of quality and commitment.


Bollebio – Bath Shower Chamomile & Mallow
Bollebio – Bath Shower Goji & Green Tea
Bollebio – Bath Shower Oat & Rice
Bollebio – Shower and Shampoo Citrus
További termékek
Bollebio – Shower and Shampoo Goji & Chamomile
Bollebio – Vegetal Soap Argan Oil
Bollebio – Vegetal Soap Citrus
Bollebio – Vegetal Soap Goji
Bollebio – Vegetal Soap Grain
Bollebio – Liquid Soap Citrus
Bollebio – Liquid Soap Linden & Calendula
Bollebio – Intimate Cleanser Chamomile & Rice
Bollebio – Intimate Cleanser Oat & Calendula
Bollebio – Deo Spray Citrus
Bollebio – Deo Spray Sage & Thyme
Bollebio – Shampoo Argan Oil & Linen
Bollebio – Shampoo Rice, Birch & Nettle
Bollebio – Shampoo Goji & Chamomile
Bollebio – Hair Conditioner Argan Oil
Bollebio – Hair Conditioner Oat & Macadamia Oil
Bollebio – Hair Mask Argan Oil & Linen
Bollebio – Hair Mask Goji & Jojoba Oil


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