A new brand

Finally it’s hereour new cosmetic line SensiSana will be available on October 15, 2010. Developed by Martina Gebhardt using her well-known high standards and reliability, the new series’ spirit is reflected in an equally new, exciting packaging design, with a very special seal of quality on every product: A reproduction of one of the most beautiful crystal images created by Masaru Emoto’s method. You can discover here everything that makes these new products special and the advantages they can bring to your work and business. We wish you the greatest pleasure as you read, discover, and are amazed.

What is the essence of SensiSana

The principles underlying our products are similar to those of a snowflake: simplicity — clarity – beauty. The products are pure and simple: each product contains just a few pure ingredients, 60% of them grown under quality-controlled organically managed cultivation. The formulations are geared particularly to the needs of those suffering from allergies, and all are BDIH- and IHTK-certified (BDIH is a German industry association that ensures highest quality in the production of raw materials used in natural cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; IHTK is an international association for the prevention of testing on animals). The crystal whose image appears on the products was created in the laboratory of Masaru Emoto from pure spring water combined with the essences used in the SensiSana product line. Discover a new dimension of natural cosmetics. Enjoy a journey of discovery!

Quality criteria

  • All of our products are certified according to the method of Masuru Emoto.
  • 100% natural-source ingredients.
  • No synthetic raw materials, tenside, glycerine, titandioxide, preservatives, or alcohol are used in the creams and lotions.
  • No materials are used that have been tested on animals that are abused or killed.
  • More than 60% of our raw materials come from quality-controlled organic cultivation.
  • We use only our own herbal essences produced using the ancient Spagyrik method.
  • Production follows rhythmic biodynamic guidelines.
  • All of our products carry the “Controlled Natural Cosmetic” seal


SensiSana – Avocado Eye Cream
SensiSana – Black Mud Peeling
SensiSana – Calamus Bodylotion
SensiSana – Calamus Cleanser
További termékek
SensiSana – Calamus Lotion
SensiSana – Calamus Mask
SensiSana – Calamus Skin Cream
SensiSana – Calamus Toner
SensiSana – Camellia Bodylotion
SensiSana – Camellia Cleanser
SensiSana – Camellia Facial Oil
SensiSana – Camellia Lotion
SensiSana – Camellia Mask
SensiSana – Camellia Skin Cream
SensiSana – Camellia Toner
SensiSana – Evening Primrose Facial Oil
SensiSana – Kukui Nut Facial Oil
SensiSana – Maritim Bodylotion
SensiSana – Maritim Cleanser
SensiSana – Maritim Lotion
SensiSana – Maritim Mask
SensiSana – Maritim Skin Cream
SensiSana – Maritim Toner
SensiSana – Rosa Mosqueta Facial Oil
SensiSana – Tinting Fluid


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