Uoga Uoga

At “Uoga Uoga” we pay a great attention not only to effective production of natural cosmetics, but also to how we do it and which exactly ingredients we use. „Uoga Uoga“ values embrace the whole company‘s culture and touch every member of the team. We could write about our values for hours, but not to tire you we’ll try to be brief, so it is important to us that „Uoga Uoga“ is:

Natural. We work closely with „Soil Association“ in order to implement and abide by the unified natural cosmetics standard “COSMOS Natural” in every step of our manufacturing. We use only those ingredients, which are allowed to be used in natural cosmetics. We choose unrefined cold-pressed oils of the highest quality, cosmetic clays, Lithuanian honey and herbs, fresh berries, precious amber – also called the gold of Baltic Sea, and pure organic essential oils. We do not use any synthetic colours or fragrances, mineral oils, aggressive artificial preservatives and other materials, which are thought to be harmful to people or environment.

Fresh. We make „Uoga Uoga“ products by hand in small batches in order to ensure that customers always get our cosmetics fresh. Did you know that you can buy a cream in “Uoga Uoga” store or online, that was just made this week? We use only few mild preservatives, which allowed for natural cosmetics, and this is why the shelf life of most of our products is quite short. But believe us- it‘s worth it!

True. We take everything at “Uoga Uoga” personally and the emotion we put in our products is true. We devote a lot of time and attention to each product: carefully considering the formulas and searching for special ingredients, creating special names, packaging, and sometimes even poems. We know that our clients can feel it.

Eco-friendly. It is important to us to care for nature not abusing it for our own needs. That is why we recycle waste at home, in our stores and at the production facility. We invite our customers to bring back the empty product packages and receive a discount for the next product, so that we can ensure that our packaging is properly recycled. We choose recycled paper for packaging and marketing materials. During production we try to save energy and water. We use only biodegradable cleaning liquids. We also try to minimise our CO2 footprint by selecting suppliers closer to home and optimising transportation.

Cruelty-free. We are strictly against testing cosmetic products or ingredients on animals. We do not use animal-derived ingredients, except for beeswax and honey, therefore most of our products are suitable for vegans. All „Uoga Uoga“ brushes are made from synthetic hair.

Inspiring.  We want to inspire people to live in harmony with nature and to educate them on the topic of natural cosmetics. In 2014 we published a book „Making natural cosmetics at home with „Uoga Uoga“, where we shared our knowledge about natural oils and other ingredients, and offered around 100 recipes of home- made cosmetics. We also try to inspire other women in Lithuania to start their own business if they wish to, by participating in various seminars encouraging women entrepreneurship.

In the spring of 2015 the quality of our cosmetics was evaluated by one of the strictest natural and organic product control organisations “Soil Association” and we started to certify our products one by one under the “COSMOS Natural” certificate. This achievement is a very important step forward for us and we are adding more and more of our products to the list of certified each month.


Duo Eyebrow Groomer and Brush
Duo Eyeshadow Brush
Foundation Brush
Retractable Lip Brush
További termékek
Lips & Cheeks Apricot
Lips & Cheeks Dangerous
Lips & Cheeks Fire
Lips & Cheeks Juicy
Lips & Cheeks Lush
Lips & Cheeks Passionate
Lips & Cheeks Tender
Lips & Cheeks Fragile
Lip Gloss Catch me if You Can
Lip Gloss Feather
Lip Gloss Nude
Lip Gloss Stars on my Face
Lip Gloss Strawberry Moose
Lip Gloss Wind Catcher
Lip Gloss Nothing Happened
Blush Powder
Foundation Powder
Natural Concealer
Natural Tinted Moisturising Cream
Eye Liner
Eye Shadow
Moon Dew
Naked in the Fields
Go Nuts!
Great Night
Spicy Orange
Wild Weed
Look Coco
Green Refreshment
Roses in Bloom
Orange Cloud
Velvet Skin
I’m Not There
Rosalinda, Mi Amor
Pirate’s Secret Recipe
Kiss Me, Honey Honey
A Hint
Rowan Day
Fairy’s Bouquet
Lingonberry Ribbon
Dark Side
Bright Side
Jungle Elixir
Jump Into Summer!
Make it Happen!
Green Amber Beads
Recharge Box
Madam Charmant
Morning Mojito
Strawberry Explosion
Handful of Sun
Rosy Cheeks


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