Pure, Natural, Mild, Burden-free

Here we launch a whole new concept on Green Products- Less is More! Less complex packaging, and NO strong chemical ingredients- this brings more perpetual, beautiful endless possibilities!

Story of the Brand

Breathe in the Nature! NAVEEN Forest-like, Deep Breath within your Body; the many kinds of organic ingredients it contains will moisturize parts of your body, give fragrance to your skin as if you were in the forest or out in the field, covered by the essence of nature, letting your skin connect with the outer world through graceful breathing. Together you’ll experience the bounteous gifts from the earth, enjoy the tranquility and become one with the Mother Nature. We believe that will bring your precious skin some new experience breathing with the heart!

Feature of the Brand

Following European highest standard, COSMOS ORGANIC standard, of producoing process but suitable for not only western but also Asian people.

Product Idea

NAVEEN products admire nature. We ensure strict standards on the safety and source of our ingredients. All of the organic ingredients have been certified by organic units, and we adhere to the following principles:
  • No Petrochemical Ingredients
  • No Synthetic Chemical Preservatives
  • No Synthetic Fragrance
  • No Silicones, or Silicon Oil Ingredients
  • Use Organic Certified Raw Materials as Priority Choice for Botanical Ingredients
  • No Animal Testing and No Animal Ingredients
  • Environmental Friendly. Great emphasis on the Product Decomposability


Naveen – Baby Lotion Unscented
Naveen – Mommy Leg Comforting Oil
Naveen – Organic Baby Comforting Oil Unscented
Naveen – Organic Mommy Beauty Oil
Plus de produits
Naveen – Bergamot & Rosemary Gentle Shampoo
Naveen – Facial Cleansing Mousse Citrus Fresh
Naveen – Baby Shampoo & Wash Mousse
Naveen – Feminine Wash
Naveen – Lavender Mild Shampoo
Naveen – Lemongrass Refreshing Shampoo
Naveen – Olive Oli Replenishing Conditioner
Naveen – Tea Tree & Peppermint Fresh Shampoo
Naveen – Chamomile Eye Moisturizer
Naveen – Chamomile Moisturizing Cream
Naveen – Chamomile Moisturizing Essence
Naveen – Chamomile Moisturizing Lotion
Naveen – Rose Age-Defying Serum
Naveen – Rose Firming Eye Cream
Naveen – Rose Revitalizing Cream
Naveen – Rose Revitalizing Toner


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