Officina Naturae


Passion and experience: Officina naturae was born for an important need: to create natural cosmetics and ecological and effective detergents, with an ethical production cycle. We pursued a great common passion and made the most of many years of experience increased in the chemical-pharmaceutical, bio-building and food fields. Here are the guiding principles and the “golden rules” we followed to realize our ecological and natural products:

  • tested and high quality environmentally friendly products
  • formulations designed to be effective and safe for humans and environment
  • ingredients derived from vegetable or mineral raw materials, avoiding the use of petrochemical or animal origin raw materials or synthetic substances with dangerous effects
  • raw materials coming also from Italian organic farming and from countries with active projects in support of fair trade
  • transparent and credible attitude

We give a great prominence to dialogue and confrontation – even directly – with those who want to know our products and our natural and ethical choices. Consistent with transparency, you can read the specifications of all products with complete description of every component on our web site and labels. Officina naturae is Vegan OK standard compliant. We declare that we do not use or commission tests on animals to experiment or develop our products and their ingredients:


Some raw vegetable origin ingredients of a detergent or a cosmetic, even ecological, –such as Coconut or Palm oil– often run through tens of thousands kilometers before arriving to the production plant. Transportation is associated with increased CO2 emissions, with heavy consequences for our planet’s climate. Moreover, the safety of their origin and the process of transformation is often not guaranteed: firstly, there is the risk that these ingredients come from intensive farming that could affect local biodiversity or food-growing land, depriving local people of their livelihood. Other scenarios frequently linked to the import are water and oil consumption and less fair work conditions. Then, what final guarantees does a consumer have, believing to have purchased a product with no ethical and environmentally impact?

As sensible and aware manufacturers, in order to create more sustainable formulas for our products, over time we selected our providers, increasingly looking to shorten the production chain. It seemed appropriate to assimilate the concept of “short production chain” –typical of food area– to our processes, turning it into a concrete goal to which we aim constantly. In our latest product lines, we have favoured the use of surfactants as Italian oils, raw materials readily available in short distances and/or coming from small companies with organic farming methods and ethical behaviour towards their employees.

Biricco cosmetic line for children is based on these same principles. It is ICEA Eco Organic Cosmetics certified too, and contains the extract of Italian organic Quince, a precious ingredient from an almost forgotten fruit, rich in emollient and nourishing properties for the skin.

Even for the accessories beside some lines of cosmetics –such as our clutch, the bowl in clay, etc.– we support the made in Italy, using Italian raw materials and promoting the supply of small companies with their own history and their own ethic in production, committed to protect environment in the whole production cycle.


Increasingly, the media advertisements reproduce brands of traditional detergents and cosmetics -whose use is consolidated- now appearing with a new green look. What behind these changes? A new awareness, the need to follow a new trend in consumption or, even worse, a mere “greenwashing” operation? We think that it makes no sense to continue producing traditional detergents and cosmetics, alongside ecological ones. Ecology is not a fad, and can not be even only a strategy to sell more. For over 12 years, since our origins, we are committed in producing ONLY and exclusively ecological detergents and cosmetics, safe for humans and environment. In line with this choice, encouraged by the technical knowledge and experience gained as critical consumers and professionals in this field, we went for the more complex way of research. We did not entrust the production to third parties but decided to directly develop our formulations, dealing in person to follow processes, collaborating with research centres for the production of raw materials and with expert consultants in this industry. Therefore, behind our formulations there is always a constant study:

  • we take part in conferences of national and international level about new chemical technologies and implications they have on health
  • we pay special attention to the health and environment press releases issued by consumer associations and research organizations we are in contact with
  • we listen to the needs of our customers, always trying to reply to their concerns;
  • through a large investment of energy and resources, we study the formulas better suited to the skin and with less impact on nature, subjecting them to sophisticated special tests and, finally, we realize them using innovative processes with a direct control on the outcome

We took these pledges to ensure the maximum safety and environmental sustainability in all our products.


On our product labels you will always find a trade mark which quotes the adjective “Bio sostenibile” (translated: “BIO SUSTAINABLE”). This is our seal to guarantee you that behind the creation of each product there is our full commitment in defence of health and environment – that is why we used the prefix “Bio”–. The word “sustainable” – originally used mainly in the environmental field – now becomes a concept that ranges from the economic aspect to the social one. Recently everyone is realizing that we are slowly destroying all the balances that govern our lives on earth. The ethical values, the relationships between people, the support and protection, the recognition of the quality and dignity of individuals, the commitment to produce quality products, to ensure safety and health, without compromising the future of coming generations … we totally care about all these things. Therefore, “Sustainability” becomes for us not just an ideal to keep in mind during production, but a real lifestyle, something that deeply permeates everything we do. This is perfectly in tune with our constant goal to make “Ecological Products” that use natural and certified raw materials, trying to minimize as much as possible resources and energy waste and avoiding the emission of pollutants throughout our products lifecycle, as regards both formulations and packaging. Only in this way can we ensure to ourselves and our children a healthier environment. All these things mean for us “bio sustainable” a precious key ingredient enclosed in every product!


Officina Naturae – After Sun Body Wash
Officina Naturae – After Sun Fluid
Officina Naturae – After Sun Hair Conditioner
Officina Naturae – After Sun Shampoo
További termékek
Officina Naturae – Baby Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50 High Protection
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Bath Foam
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Day Cream
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Hair Conditioner
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Hand Cream
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Intimate Cleanser
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Liquid Body Cream
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Night Cream
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Shampoo
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Solid Soap
Officina Naturae – Chiuri Butter Toothpaste
Officina Naturae – Conditioner for Fragile Hair
Officina Naturae – Conditioner for Stressed Hair
Officina Naturae – Eco-friendly Toothbrush
Officina Naturae – Face Sunscreen Fluid SPF 15 Medium Protection
Officina Naturae – Garden in Bloom Deodorant
Officina Naturae – Gentle Intimate Wash
Officina Naturae – Natural Gel Toothpaste Anise Flavour
Officina Naturae – Natural Gel Toothpaste Lemon Flavour
Officina Naturae – Natural Gel Toothpaste Mint Flavour
Officina Naturae – Natural Mouthwash Lemon Flavour
Officina Naturae – Natural Mouthwash Mint Flavour
Officina Naturae – Sea Wave Deodorant
Officina Naturae – Shampoo for Fragile Hair
Officina Naturae – Shampoo for Stressed Hair
Officina Naturae – Summer Hair Oil
Officina Naturae – Sunscreen Fluid SPF 15 Medium Protection
Officina Naturae – Sunscreen Fluid SPF 30 High Protection
Officina Naturae – Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50 High Protection
Officina Naturae – Tonic Body Wash
Officina Naturae – Ultra Gentle Body Wash
Officina Naturae – Ultra Gentle Conditioner
Officina Naturae – Ultra Gentle Intimate Wash
Officina Naturae – Ultra Gentle Shampoo
Officina Naturae – Velvet Skin Body Wash


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