BIOCOS – 100% natural, herbal cosmetics. Without compromise!


BIOCOS cosmetics do not contain water, our creams are created with hydrolats – flower water. Therefore, bio-cosmetics creams are even more valuable!

BIOCOS enrich products with active ingredients from nature, thanks to which BIOCOSMETICS becomes even more effective. Basic ingredients are always only unrefined, cold-pressed, vegetable oils and floral waters; however, the greatest effect is reached with active ingredients – natural hyaluronic acid, cosmetic silk, beta-glucan, tamanu oil, gotu kola and other amazing gifts from nature.

No synthetic additives.

BIOCOSMETICS do not use perfume, phthalates, SLS, parabens, synthetic additives and preservatives, which means that our products are beneficial not only for the beauty but also for health. The whole process of product creation and cleanness of parabens can be verified simply by taking part in our organized parties in cosmetic production, where we reveal the secrets of making natural products. In 2016, BIOCOS home perfume line was awarded by gold medal!

Responsible approach

Not tested on animals. BIOCOS products are animal friendly. We do not test on animals, our new products are tested in the lab and the effect on the skin is determined by Dermatology, as well as, by customers who volunteer to try the product and give feedback. Vegan. BIOCOS products do not contain animal origin ingredients. FAIR TRADE. BIOCOS is guided by the principles of fair trade, so our work is based on:

  • fair prices;
  • respect for nature and its resources – we produce cosmetics in small quantities, consume all extracted natural ingredients;
  • transparency;
  • communication and honesty in dealing with customers.

Safe packaging

Bio-cosmetics is packed in dark glass bottles not by accident. Glass is an integral part of ecology because it is easy to recycle and also secures the quality of the product. Dark glass protects the products from the negative effects of light, oxidation, microbial contamination; for this reason, cosmetics remains fresh longer. In addition, scientific studies have proved that most plastic packaging’s micro-particles (monomers, phthalates) will inevitably diffuse into the product, thereby affecting product’s quality and consumer’s health. If, for the convenience of costumer, plastic packaging is chosen, then we choose only the highest quality – PET packaging, which, unlike the plastic (PVC), is 100% recyclable and does not emit harmful substances.


BIOCOS in accordance with good manufacturing practice develops and produces BIOCOSMETICS since 2009. Cosmetics is licensed and products are notified (registered in the European Union, the responsible authorities), it means that BIOCOS products are safe and secure. BIOCOS cosmetics so far is handmade, produced in small quantities, so it is always recently made and fresh. BIOCOS cosmetic recipes include active ingredients from nature (hyaluronic acid, beta-glucan, oat extract), which enhance positive effect on the skin, the skin more quickly restores moisture balance, intensifies collagen production, for this reason, the skin retains the youthfulness.


BIOCOS partners can be found in many Lithuanian cities and some EU countries – the Baltic States, Finland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Russia and others. BIOCOS partner stores select and sold only some part of our range of cosmetics, and if you do not find the chosen product, order online directly to your home.


Biocos – Aloe vera gel
Biocos – Alum deodorant
Biocos – Alum deodorant for men
Biocos – Apricot kernel oil
További termékek
Biocos – Baby-mild Castile Soap
Biocos – Balm for nails and cuticle
Biocos – Balsam against cellulite
Biocos – BIO-C VIT cream
Biocos – Bio-hyaluronic facial cream
Biocos – Black soap Lavender
Biocos – Black soap Mint
Biocos – Bronze tanning oil
Biocos – Calendula cream
Biocos – Calendula oil
Biocos – Calming cream after shaving
Biocos – Castor oil
Biocos – Cedar water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Citrus Castile Soap
Biocos – Coconut oil (Cold-pressed fresh coconut)
Biocos – Cornflower water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Hand balsam
Biocos – Helichrysum cream “Fountain of youth”
Biocos – Helichrysum eye balsam
Biocos – Helichrysum water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Hyaluronic acid gel
Biocos – Intense cleanser with fruit acids
Biocos – Lavender cream for sensitive skin
Biocos – Lavender water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Linden flower water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Lip balm for men
Biocos – Lip balm with buckthorn
Biocos – Lip balm with cocoa butter
Biocos – Lip balm with mango butter
Biocos – Mango cream with Argan oil
Biocos – Moisturising hand cream
Biocos – Moisturizing aloe vera serum
Biocos – MONOI oil (gardenias‘s scent)
Biocos – MONOI oil (vanilla‘s scent)
Biocos – Natural hair conditioner
Biocos – Natural hair mask
Biocos – Natural hair shampoo
Biocos – Natural make-up remover
Biocos – Neroli water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Oat cream with beta-glucan
Biocos – Oil blend for hair
Biocos – Oil mixture for dry skin
Biocos – Oil mixture for sensitive skin
Biocos – Oil mixture for young skin
Biocos – Refreshing facial cleanser
Biocos – Regenerating Tamanu cream
Biocos – Rose Castile Soap
Biocos – Rose cream with silk
Biocos – Rose water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Rosemary water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Sea buckthorn cream for mother and child
Biocos – Sheabutter
Biocos – Soothing cream with zinc for infants
Biocos – Spot and acne cream
Biocos – Suncreen body lotion SPF 25
Biocos – Sunny face SPF 25
Biocos – Sweet almond oil
Biocos – Teatree floral water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Virus Stop
Biocos – Wild carrot seed water (hydrolat)
Biocos – Witch hazel (Hamamelis) flower water (hydrolat)


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